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  1. Kount


    Created a cloud-redundant fraud detection system from Kount's AWS systems in GCP.

  2. Equifax


    Trained team members on industry standard best practices for Golang. Designed and implemented new microservices for Equifax’s machine learning platform in Synthetic ID.

  3. Buddle


    Created and designed Buddle's workspace mobile app for managing employee performance using Expo and React Native.

  4. Bishop Fox

    Bishop Fox

    Developed BishopFox's Information Gathering and Cloud Penetration Testing services in Node.js and Golang.


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Design workflows, participate in application teardowns, and a community of fellow engineers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your systems and applications engineering.

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    YouTube Channel

    Join us on YouTube where we talk about how to build performant applications and systems.

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    Twitch Streams

    Catch us in action dissecting articles, building applications, and answering questions.

  3. Community of developers

    A private Discord server where you can get help and give feedback on apps in development.

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Taite Nazifi —

Hey there, I'm a software engineer whose career has been dedicated to designing and building applications that take your products from zero to hero, and hero to champion. The fidelity of my work has ranged over zero-stage startups to multi-billion dollar corporations. I've worked with dozens of the biggest brands to create custom solutions that fit neatly within their technology stack, and often leverage existing solutions to build from the basement up. I’m an accomplished software engineer, and have been teaching systems and application design every month for the last five years. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs of all skill levels and honed my way of teaching to really click for anyone who has the itch to start building their own apps.

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